The Douglas County Bar Association is a nonprofit corporation whose members are lawyers residing in Douglas County, Kansas. The association provides opportunities for its members to exchange ideas and share information about the practice of law, to encourage professionalism, integrity and courtesy among its members, and to exhibit responsibility and leadership in the community. Through its activities the DCBA strives to foster community respect for the legal profession, as well as awareness of the ideals and principles embodied in our federal and state Constitutions and common law, and understanding of the legal system and the administration of justice.

Membership in the association affords numerous opportunities for attorneys to network and build professional relationships, as well as opportunities to socialize with other members of the bar. By joining one or more of the DCBA's active groups or committees, attorneys can help each other become more effective advocates.

The bar meets generally on the first Thursday each month at a popular "watering hole", and the annual Winter Holiday and Fall parties have become traditions especially enjoyed by DCBA members.