Bench Bar Committee Members Needed

There are currently 3 vacancies on the DGCO Bench Bar Committee.  The Bench-Bar Committee is responsible for communicating concerns and advancing the professional relationship between the members of the bar and the judges of Douglas County, Kansas.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every other month.  The following positions and their terms limits are below:

VACANT - (at large, term expires March 31, 2020)
VACANT - (at large, term expires March 31, 2021)

VACANT - (at large, term expires March 31, 2022)

Please contact Terry Leibold by July 13, 2018 if you are interested in serving.   



2018 Liberty Bell Award Winner

At its annual Law Day Luncheon, May 1, 2018, the Douglas County Bar Association awarded Chrissy Heikkila the prestigious Liberty Bell Award.

The Liberty Bell Award acknowledges outstanding community service from local individuals.  Nominations are accepted from members of the local bar, and the Board of Officers then vote on the many qualified nominations.  This event as an important chance to recognize those who promote a better understanding of the rule of law, encourage a greater respect for law, stimulate a sense of civic responsibility, and contribute to good government in the community.

Ms. Heikkila exemplifies this award as the Executive Director of the Care Center.  The Care Center provides  24/7 support to anyone affected by sexual trauma and abuse in Douglas, Franklin, and Jefferson Counties.   The Care Center runs primarily off grants to support its mission.  Ms. Heikkila and her team of dedicated employees provide an invaluable service to the local community in the form of prevention education, counseling and support groups, and advocacy for survivors. 

Visit Care Center's website for more information on this worthy cause.

DCBA Officers Elected for 2018-2019

April 30, 2018/ Andy Bauch 

The Douglas County Bar Association held its annual election in March. Congratulations to the following officers, who will assume their duties April 1, 2018:

President: Terence Leibold
Vice-President: Dakota Loomis
Secretary: Andy Bauch
Treasurer: Rebekah Gaston

Young Lawyers Section President: Chris Coleman


A special thanks to Anne Hall as she finished up her tour of duty with the bar, serving as its president this past year.  Thanks for your service Anne!

Douglas County District Court Misdemeanor Case Procedure Changes


As of January 1, no new misdemeanors will be assigned to Divisions 2 and 4.

The current protocol going forward will be as follows:
Any misdemeanor currently in Division 2 or 4 will be called at whatever hearing date is already next scheduled.
For any misdemeanor that does not already have a trial date (so if it is set for another status/trial setting date or some other non-dispositive setting), the case will be called in Division 2 or 4 at that time, the defendant will be informed that the case is being reassigned to Pro Tem and be given a date for that next hearing (likely the Wednesday of the week following).  
For any misdemeanor presently set for anticipated plea, the case will remain in Division 2 or 4 for plea/sentencing. If no plea resolution is achieved on that date, the case will be reassigned to Pro Tem at that time.
For any misdemeanor with a present date for a probation violation ("PV") hearing due to a pending allegation, the case will be called for the date set. If the PV can be resolved at that time, the disposition will be pronounced and the case will thereafter be reassigned to Pro Tem. If a PV is pending but no hearing date has been set, the case will be reassigned whenever the defendant next appears in Division 2 or 4 for status.
For any misdemeanor case where the person is on probation but no pending PV allegation exists, the case will remain in Division 2 or 4  If the person successfully completes probation, the case can be terminated at the appropriate time. If a probation violation is alleged before probation ends, the case will be reassigned to Pro Tem at that time. Same rule applies for currently pending diversions.
For any misdemeanor that already has a trial date, when the case is called for status conference, if the defendant wants to go to trial, the case will proceed to trial in Division 2 or 4.
If at that status conference there are other cases scheduled to proceed to trial on the same date, the Court will hear any requests for continuance of any cases that can’t proceed to trial (meaning if the Court has to call in two venire panels and try the cases consecutively or ask for another judge to hear the other case or cases). Those cases that can’t be heard at their presently scheduled trial date will be reassigned to Pro Tem.
For cases with pending motion hearing dates, unless a party requests and the Court approves transfer of the case to Pro Tem prior to the hearing date, those motions will be heard in Division 2 or 4 and thereafter transferred to Pro Tem (unless the trial date is already set, in which case the matter will remain in Division 2 or 4 unless there is a request to transfer).
This procedure is intended to 1) avoid confusion among defendants and attorneys as to court dates and 2) serve to address any speedy trial concerns for either side and 3) give the Pro Tem Division a chance to sort out its protocols without having a batch assignment dropped onto its docket.
Once Pro Tem has been up and running for a month or so and if they decide that a batch reassignment would work, the Court may revisit how to proceed.

Douglas County District Court Book Giveaway

The Douglas County District Court is doing some fall cleaning, including removing every single book from the old Law Library located off of the offices for Division 2 and Division 5. 

All books are free and for the taking - first come, first serve. The last day to collect materials from the old Law Library will be October 13, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Dakota Loomis via email.

Douglas County District Court Job Opening - Attorneys for Behavioral Health Court

Douglas County District Court is seeking two to three qualified attorneys to serve as counsel for participants in the Behavioral Health Court.  

Requirements are as follows:
(1) the ability to work with participants who are severely and persistently mentally ill; and
(2) availability every Thursday from 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm.

Compensation is $80 an hour.

Please submit your interest by email to Judge Sally Pokorny by April 26, 2017at

DCBA Officers Elected for 2016-2017

The Douglas County Bar Association held its annual election on Thursday, March 3. Congratulations to the following officers, who will assume their duties April 1, 2016:

President: Branden Smith
Vice-President: Anne Hall
Secretary: Terence Leibold
Treasurer: Dakota Loomis

Young Lawyers Section President: Chris Coleman
Young Lawyers Section Treasurer: Clay Randle

A big thanks goes to our outgoing president, Sarah Warner, and to Rick Hird, who will be rolling off the Board of Directors at the end of March after almost a decade of service to the DCBA. 

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DCBA has a new website!

As you probably noticed if you are reading this site, the DCBA has a new website! The new web address is Please explore the new website and give us your feedback.

The website has a number of new features, including the ability to click on any Event under "Calendar," view the date and time, and add the event to your Google or iOS calendar. You can also fill out membership forms and pay your dues online!

To that end, make sure that you have filled out a renewal form on the new site and have paid your 2016 DCBA membership dues. To join or to renew your membership or to update your information, fill out the online membership form at the DCBA website, submit it, and pay your dues online. Or you can print and mail your membership form (once submitted) with your $75.00 check payable to “Douglas County Bar Association," P.O. Box 1966, Lawrence, KS 66044.

If you have any questions, comments, or other feedback, please don't hesitate to contact DCBA President Sarah Warner

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KS Supreme Court eCourt Project

The Kansas Supreme Court has launched its eCourt project, which will focus on merging electronic document filing with a centralized case management system. More than half of the state's judicial districts use electronic filing and the 7th judicial district in Douglas County requires it. Electronic filing in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals will be mandatory starting November 2.

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