2016: Miranda: More than Words

2015: Magna Carta: Icon of Liberty

2014: American Democracy and the Rule of Law: Why Every Vote Matters

2013: Realizing the Dream: Equality for All

2012: No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom

2011: The Legacy of John Adams, from Boston to Guantanamo

2010: Law in the 21st Century: Enduring Traditions, Emerging Challenge

2009: A Legacy of Liberty — Celebrating Lincoln's Bicentennial

2008: The Rule of Law: Foundation for Communities of Opportunity and Equity

2007: Liberty Under Law: Empowering Youth, Assuring Democracy

2006: Liberty Under Law: Separate Branches, Balanced Powers

2005: The American Jury: We the People in Action

2004: To Win Equality by Law: Brown v. Board at 50

2003: Celebrate Your Freedom: Independent Courts Protect Our Liberties

2002: Celebrate Your Freedom: Assuring Equal Justice for All

2001: Celebrate Your Freedom: Protecting the Best Interests of Our Children

2000: Celebrate Your Freedom: Speak Up for Democracy and Diversity

1999: Celebrate Your Freedom: The Quest for Equality

1998: Celebrate Your Freedom: Due Process Guarantees

1997: Celebrate Your Freedom: First Amendment Freedoms

1996: The U.S. Constitution: The Original American Dream

1995: E Pluribus Unum

1994: Just Solutions

1993: Justice for All

1992: Struggle for Justice

1991: Freedom Has a Name: the Bill of Rights

1990: Generations of Justice

1989: Access to Justice

1988: Legal Literacy

1987: We the People

1986: Foundations of Freedom

1985: Liberty and Justice for All

1984: A Generation of Progress

1983: Law — The Language of Liberty

1977: Partners in Justice

1976: 200 Years of Liberty and the Law

1975: Young America, Lead the Way

1973: Help Your Courts Assure Justice

1971: Channel Change Through Law and Reason

1969: Justice and Equality Depend on Law and YOU!