Are you an Ethical Negotiatior?

May 19, 2016, at noon, in the Jury Assembly Room of the Courthouse.

This CLE session will blend an initial live negotiation exercise with discussion and application of ethical issues and related rules arising out of that exercise. The initial exercise is based on the negotiation style and examples found on the “American Pickers” show and seeks to get participants to evaluate their personal negotiation style and how that affected the outcome of the “negotiation” session as compared to other participants. Participants will be paired off for the first half of the session to negotiate and then a series of questions and related discussion will take the participants through the applicable legal ethical rules. Participants will be challenged to contemplate whether they feel they complied or may need to adjust their style and negotiation tactics.

1.0 hours of Ethics CLE

Presented by: Sawn Leisinger of the Centers for Excellence, Washburn, Topeka, KS.

CLE Materials.