Shine Adams Awarded Liberty Bell Award

At its annual Law Day Luncheon, April 29th, 2016, the Douglas County Bar Association awarded Shine Adams the prestigious Liberty Bell Award. This Award acknowledges one with outstanding community service, a chance to recognize a person who promotes a better understanding of the rule of law, encourages a greater respect for law, stimulates a sense of civic responsibility, and contributes to good government in the community. Mr. Adams exemplifies this award after creating Sun Cedar, a social entrepreneurial organization created in 2014, whose main goal is to help ex-offenders and the homeless off the streets and back into the community. Sun Cedars establishes jobs producing natural aromatic cedar ornaments and hangers while helping develop intrapersonal skills and other soft skills that are needed in getting started. Adams states that “feeling useful is paramount in the journey to recovery.” Sun Cedar has partnered with the Penn House to provide the Douglas County Reentry program. Their new partnership will help produce jobs, training, counseling, classes, and much more to help aid in recovering and decrease recidivism. Visit Sun Cedars' website for more information on this worthy cause.

Judge Paula Martin presents the Liberty Bell Award to Shine Adams.